About Nordic Respiratory Academy

NORA is an abbreviation for the Nordic Respiratory Academy.
NORA was founded in conjunction with the Nordic lung congress in Reykjavik in 2003.

The purpose is to promote academic lung medicine in the Nordic countries, and as a starting point, the members were all Nordic lung physicians with a graduate degree (PhD or DMSc).

The annual NORA meeting is a continuation of the longstanding tradition of an annual Nordic professorship meeting, and in recent years it has been a tradition to invite all professors and lecturers from the Nordic countries.

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Current issue
Leif Bjermer (Chief Editor)
Vibeke Backer (Deputy Chief Editor)
Zuzana Diamant (Co-Editor)

Nordic Lung Congress

2022 Copenhagen, Denmark
2019 Estland
2017 Visby/Gotland, Sweeden
2015 Oslo, Norway
2013 Reykjavik, Iceland
2011 Helsinki, Finland
2009 Aarhus, Denmark


2018 January Denmark